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About Crossroads Animal Emergency Hospital


Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

At Crossroads Animal Emergency, we offer the latest in state-of-the-art technology and procedures to help your pet recover quickly from any injury or illness. We have the equipment and techniques that enable us to serve you and your pet professionally and achieve the best possible outcome in an emergency illness or injury.

Intensive Care/Oxygen Therapy

At Crossroads Animal Emergency, one of our most important pieces of emergency equipment is the Oxygen Therapy unit. We have several of these systems that can treat many types of trauma, especially those involving swelling of tissue.

Oxygen therapy is particularly useful for trauma such as injuries inflicted by car collisions and animal bites. Oxygen therapy is frequently used with animals who are suffering from respiratory distress from certain illnesses.

Pet Isolation Ward

If a pet has an illness, one of the first things we must determine is if the animal is contagious. Some illnesses are deadly if passed from animal to human or from one animal to another, so it is very important that we isolate animals who may be able to transmit dangerous diseases.

Our emergency veterinary staff takes special precautions to avoid contamination of the equipment, bedding or other items that come in contact with infected pets. This helps prevent the spread of illness to you, your healthy pets, or other animals.

Laboratory Facilities

Our modern laboratory facilities allow us to provide on-site, rapid testing of blood and urine for emergency diagnostics.

Our laboratory allows us to quickly determine if your pet has been poisoned, is suffering from certain illnesses or to assess how the animal is progressing with treatment.


We offer modern, computerized digital equipment to produce the highest quality in x-rays and ultrasound images. While we send all x-rays and ultrasounds off-site for professional evaluation, we are able to use these images to quickly spot problems and suggest the right course of treatment.

Surgical Suite

Our well-equipped surgical suite contains comprehensive equipment for both anesthesia and resuscitation as well as multi-parameter monitoring. We perform emergency surgery as needed but can also schedule orthopaedic or spinal surgeries as needed in advance.If your dog or cat has an after-hours emergency, contact us immediately at Crossroads Animal Emergency. We’re open overnight 365 nights a year and 24 hours weekends and holidays. 

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