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Keeping Your Pets Safe On The 4th Of July


As we approach the 4th of July, it is important to take time out from having fun, barbecuing, swimming and enjoying time with friends to think for a moment about pet safety. Every Independence Day sees thousands of visits to emergency vets by owners whose pets have been injured during holiday celebrations.

At Crossroads Animal Emergency, we offer treatment for the most complicated types of pet emergencies, including those associated with July 4th. Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe during this exciting holiday.

  • Fireworks can be deadly for pets. Many pets are genuinely frightened by the loud noises and lights associated with fireworks. They can panic and bolt if gates, doors or windows are left open, leading to losses or tragic accidents. Be sure that pets are safely crated or locked inside when fireworks are being set off nearby.
  • Insect repellent is a no-no. Never use insect repellent on your pet that is not specifically designed for use on animals. Certain chemicals can cause neurological damage, and others can cause nausea, vomiting, drooling, diarrhea and other problems.
  • Never give a pet alcohol. Some people find it amusing to give pets alcohol, but this can cause serious problems for an animal. Pets can easily be poisoned by alcoholic beverages. If you suspect that your animal has ingested alcohol by accident, take the pet to an emergency vet immediately.
  • Avoid glow necklaces and wristbands. Many venues offer glow-in-the-dark jewelry at this time of year. Be sure to dispose of this type of item before arriving home as pets can chew and ingest pieces of this jewelry and suffer poisoning or intestinal blockage.
  • Do not give pets leftovers. Many “human foods” are either bad for or outright dangerous to pets. Do not feed pets table scraps that may have high fat content or contain bones, grapes or raisins, chocolate or other potentially harmful substances. Watch your lighter fluid and matches. Lighter fluid and matches can be deadly for pets if ingested. Keep away from pets.
  • Put citronella candles away. Citronella candles can be toxic to pets. Be sure they are out of your dog or cat’s reach.

By taking a few moments to pet-proof your holiday celebration, you will make this Fourth of July safer for your dog or cat and more enjoyable for everyone!

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