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What Happens When I Take My Pet to an Emergency Vet?


If your pet has suffered an emergency illness or injury, you may be very concerned about taking it to a vet with whom you are not familiar. After all, your family vet understands your pet and may have been treating your dog or cat all its life. However, when you have a pet emergency after hours, it is critical in some cases that your pet receives immediate treatment. It may help to understand what you can expect from night, weekend and holiday pet care at Crossroads Animal Emergency.

What Can I Expect from Emergency Vet Care?

When you arrive at our hospital, the first thing that we do is evaluate your pet’s condition. We do not want your pet to suffer, and may administer certain painkillers to make your pet more comfortable.

Once we have examined your pet, we will discuss our findings with you immediately. We will perform tests and reach a diagnosis while including you in the process. We will clearly explain the issues surrounding your pet’s illness or injury and our recommended course of treatment.

At this point, one of several things generally happens. We may provide treatment and either send you home with instructions and the meds you need for your pet, or we may recommend your pet receive medical observation in our hospital for several hours to make sure that the treatment we have provided is achieving the results we expect. However, if your pet needs intensive treatment, surgery or life-saving measures, we will provide those as well.

If your pet needs to be hospitalized overnight or for the weekend, you will receive regular updates and will be allowed to see your pet as soon as it is safe for you to do so. We will discharge your pet as soon as it is feasible for you to take care of it at home or to continue care with your regular veterinarian.

Crossroads Animal Emergency is dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best possible care, no matter when your emergency occurs. Call us today to learn more or bring your pet to either of our convenient locations.

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