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What Happens When Your Pet is Referred to Us for Care?


How We Care For Referred Pets

At Crossroads Animal Emergency, we often take in pets referred from other area veterinarians for care. In fact, we have become leaders in emergency care throughout Orange County and southern California, building a strong reputation for professional, compassionate treatment of our referred pets.

Although we receive referrals from veterinarians, pets do not need a referral from a veterinarian to be seen at Crossroads Animal Emergency. If your pet is experiencing an emergency in the evening, overnight, on during a weekend or major holiday, call Crossroads immediately.

How Are Pets Referred to Crossroads Animal Emergency?

While most veterinarians operate during “normal” business hours and can provide a wide range of treatment for any pet, there are also cases in which a veterinarian does not have the equipment or support to perform various procedures. In that case, we may receive a referral from the vet to schedule a surgical procedure or other complex treatment.

In other cases, pets are referred to us when they need immediate treatment and a vet’s office cannot provide them with the care they need. This happens sometimes when offices are closed for holidays or during late-night hours.

What Happens When A Pet Is Referred to Crossroads Animal Emergency?

When we receive a referral from one of our trusted friends, we immediately spring into action. In some cases, the vet is able to give us the details of the pet’s condition before the animal arrives at our facility, so we are able to set up for the treatment quickly. In other cases, we must make our own assessment of the pet’s condition.

Once we have assessed the pet and are ready to make a recommendation for treatment, we consult with the pet’s owner. If immediate, life-saving measures are necessary, we can administer medication or begin treatment to stabilize the pet until thorough diagnostics can be completed. If the owner agrees with the course of treatment recommended by our emergency veterinarian, we will take care of the pet overnight or through the weekend if necessary.

We also provide observation for pets that may not require treatment, but need to be monitored around the clock during their recovery. After treatment, we will share the results of any tests or procedures with the animal’s regular vet. In most cases, animals are able to be transferred to their own vet’s care the following morning after treatment at Crossroads Animal Emergency.

If you have questions about referrals or how our treatment process works, please do not hesitate to contact us at Crossroads Animal Emergency.

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