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What To Do If You Think Your Pet Has Eaten a Foreign Object


Let’s face it: pets love to eat almost anything they can get in their mouths. While some foods, medications or other items are naturally bitter or just taste bad, many things that pets should not eat or swallow are actually attractive to them. If you find that your pet has swallowed a foreign object, it is critical that your dog or cat receives immediate medical attention. However, after hours, you may be unsure how to find someone to treat your pet. Fortunately, Crossroads Animal Emergency is available on weekends, at night and even on holidays.

Here are some common questions pet owners ask when their furry friends swallow objects:

  • What are commonly swallowed objects? Pet toys, yarn, string, pieces of broken items or shredded cloth are commonly swallowed items. If you see your pet swallow anything or suspect that it has done so, seek medical treatment immediately to prevent serious injury.
  • What if I did not see my pet swallow the object? There are usually signs that a pet has swallowed a foreign object even if you did not witness the event. If your pet is coughing, choking, vomiting, acting lethargically or seems depressed, you should seek medical treatment to determine and treat the cause.
  • What should I do if my pet has swallowed something but is not choking? Even if your pet is not choking, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. A foreign object could lodge in your pet’s throat, stomach or intestines and cause serious problems.
  • What if my pet is trying to pass a foreign object? If your pet is trying to pass a foreign object through its stool but is struggling, seek medical attention immediately. Never attempt to pull the object out, as this could cause serious injury to your pet.

If you are facing a pet emergency such as swallowing a foreign object, contact Crossroads Animal Emergency immediately. We will treat your pet and you with the utmost compassion and professionalism and provide you with the best in veterinary care, no matter what your pet’s illness or injury. We are ready to help you at all hours, including the weekend, late at night and even on holidays. We are here to help your pet recover from swallowing an object or any other injury or illness.

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