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Why You Should Never Diagnose Your Pet’s Illness from the Internet


When your pet is sick, particularly at night or on the weekend, it is very tempting to go to the Internet for answers. After all, the web has dozens of websites devoted to pet health and pet care, and online discussion forums allow you to share your story with other pet owners and seek advice from your peers. However, there can be very real dangers inherent in trying to diagnose your pet’s illness or injury over the Internet.

Here are a few reasons why you should never try to diagnose your pet over the Internet:

  • Symptoms may worsen. What starts as mild nausea and vomiting could quickly transform itself into tremors, seizures or even internal organ collapse. It is important for your pet to get immediate treatment as soon as symptoms appear. The time spent diagnosing a potential illness on the Internet is better put toward getting your pet to an emergency vet like Crossroads Animal Emergency.
  • Others may give well-meaning but incorrect advice. While Internet forums are a great way to compare your pet experiences to others, well-meaning people may accidentally give you dangerously wrong advice on what to do with your pet. For example, if someone tells you to induce vomiting in your pet after it has swallowed something toxic, you could easily cause the problem to become much worse. What seemed like good advice could be wrong and could harm your pet.
  • You could choose the wrong treatment. It is easy to believe, when you read the advice available on the web, that something is terribly wrong with your pet and that you should take immediate steps to administer some treatment. However, you may find that the treatment prescribed is the wrong one and does nothing to help your pet.

Crossroads Animal Emergency offers you the best possible treatment options for a sick or injured pet when your regular veterinarian’s office is not open. Do not turn to the Internet, where you may receive wrong information; instead, contact us at Crossroads immediately for help with your pet. We want to make sure your dog, cat or other pet is treated responsibly and professionally as well as with compassion. We also want to make sure that you are informed of all aspects of your pet’s care and that you receive the comfort and support you need during your pet’s treatment.

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